At sites that are open for recreational use on Virginia’s seaside, visitors can land their boats along the shorelines AT THEIR OWN RISK.  Most of Virginia’s barrier islands are remote with dynamic coastlines and inlets that are subject to quickly changing conditions including tides, winds, currents and fast changing weather.  Additionally, the majority of Virginia’s seaside has no facilities, amenities, or emergency services. Only experienced boaters with knowledge of local waterways should attempt to access these remote locations.  When planning a trip, visit specific Site Pages to learn more about visitation policies and recommended access points.    

When landing a boat on the seaside, remember that all areas above the high tide line are closed April – August in most locations.  During this time, visitors should use inlet beaches or cross-over corridors provided in some areas to access the oceanside.

Please see the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge website for a list of specific boat landing areas on Assateague Island